Company Profile A/W17

Founded in 1985, Hebei Xindadong is a large-scale private manufacturing enterprise, owning 3 yarn mills and 1 denim mill with over 3000 employees.

We located in Shijiazhuang, China, with annual gross product about 200 million USD. Xindadong is primarily involved in the industries of textile manufacturing, import and export, and mainly production are yarn and denim fabric.

With the development of past 30 years, we have set up 2 divisions: yarn and denim, and forms a production and trade group company of global procurement and sales.

Yarn Division 3 yarn mills, 2 in China and 1 in Vietnam, equipped with over 250,000 spindles, mainly produce high-quality knitting yarn, and supplying for top-class customers, such as Esquel, Youngor, Saintyear, Tiange etc.

Denim Division Established in 1999, we have a rapid growth in employee numbers, capacity and sales quantity, also overall scale has grown 700% till now. We achieved office automation, established EPR system, warehouse barcode management system, also online monitoring system. Our denim mill have over 700 employees producing in our 49.4 acres world-class facility with annual output 30 million yards.

In order to meet quick delivery requirement of the market, a new denim mill is under preparation in VSIP of Quang-Ngai, Vietnam. All building infrastructure and equipment installation will be ready by the end of 2018. Also they will be equipped with world-class facilities on 240 acres land. As planed, annual output will reach to 20 million yards, and in coming next 5 years, capacity will increase to 60 million yards.

As planed, annual output will reach to 20 million yards, and in coming next 5 years, our annual capacity will increase to 60 million yards denim and 12 million jeans including series Tops and Bottoms Jeans.